About Main Street

Wilburton Main Street is part of an Economic Revitalization of downtowns in Oklahoma.
The revitalization process started when the National Main Street Center was established through the National Trust in 1980.
The Oklahoma Main Street Program was established in 1985.
Currently there are 42 Main Street communities in Oklahoma and 1,834 nationwide.
Wilburton Main Street joined the downtown improvement in April 2001 and has been in forward gear ever since.
The program is organized using the Main Street trademark 4 point approach.

Design– Responsible for the shaping of the physical image of the downtown.

Promotion– to promote the downtown through the image campaigns,
retail promotions and special events.

Economic Restructuring– Responsible for helping to strengthen existing businesses, recruiting new ones and identifying opportunities for market growth in downtown Wilburton.

Organization– Responsible for the fundraising, managing, financing,
volunteer membership and grant proposals for Wilburton Main Street Inc.


The heart of Wilburton Main Street is Volunteers.

To be a volunteer you can join the committees that are based on these four points, or bring food to an event, or work in the office, or serve on the board of directors.  How much time you spend is up to you.  If you are interested in being a Main Street volunteer, please contact Dana Hugle at 465-2254.

When you join the Wilburton Main Street Program, you are joining a partnership that is already working on behalf of your community. Your membership will enable the program to expand their activities and will afford you the opportunity to play a direct role in the strengthening of Wilburton.

Your support provides operating revenue for this office, the best landscape and architectural services, and historic research.  Wilburton Main Street is totally community driven.  Our funds come from our donating sponsors (members), the city of Wilburton and our fundraisers.
We receive no state or federal funds.  Your check, payable to Wilburton Main Street, will qualify you for one of the following membership categories:

Corporate Membership:
Gold  $2,000,
Silver $1,000
Patron $500
Professional/Business $100-300
Civic Organization $100-300
Friend of Main Street $50-75
Memorial(please list name) Any amount
Junior (below age 18) $2-5
Other $10-45

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world.
Indeed it is the only thing that ever has.”

Margaret Meed