Wilburton Round-up Club Rodeo & Bell Starr Festival

SO Many things to share… June 16 & 17th

Wilburton Round-up Club Rodeo
Starts Friday and Saturday night at 7:00pm

Belles Starr Festival
June 17, 2017

7:00 am Belle Starr 5K starts
8:30 Obstacle course
9:00 Lawn mower races
10:00 Belle Starr Gang Bank Robbery
10:30 Egg Toss
11:00 Turtle Races
11:30 Cast Iron Skillet Toss
11:30 Awards (Cute Baby Contest, Egg Toss, Turtle Races, Cast Iron Skillet Toss)
12:00 pm Belle Starr Gang Train Robbery
12:30 Dodgeball Team with water balloons
1:00 Belle Starr Gang Jail Break
2:00 Rodeo Parade

We will have vendors, crafts, and don’t forget that you can have someone thrown in our Belle Starr Jail..

This year the gang will be doing something special at the events..

So come one come all.. Let’s have some fun